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Trans*Gender Stream

We provide targeted assistance with hormonal drugs for transgender people in Ukraine. To receive this, just fill out the google form and apply. We are constantly working to expand the list of drugs and their quantity.

Since the launch of shelters in Bratislava and Zakarpattia, we have provided to our transgender residents requested hormonal drugs, which were delivered to us by our friends and partners from European countries. However, in October, at a joint meeting with a Transgender Europe representative and members of other Ukrainian LGBTQI + organizations, we found out that many trans people in Ukraine need help.

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they faced the following challenges:

  • loss of employment or permanent source of income;
  • rapid rise in prices, including prices for medicines;
  • lack of certain hormonal drugs, as well as auxiliary medical goods (for example, syringes) in de-occupied territories/in the gray zone;
  • termination of the supply of certain hormonal drugs to Ukraine or a complete stop of their production in the country;
  • lack of communication and coordination of service providers – trans * and LGBTQI + organizations, individual activists, as well as lack of relevant information about the activities of individual organizations;
  • complication of the procedure for transporting humanitarian cargo with medical supplies across the border in connection with martial law;
  • difficulties or lack of access to medical services/consultations due to the heavy burden on the medical system of the country, artificial inhibition of the procedure for obtaining a diagnosis of F64.0;
  • increasing the overall level of transphobia in society through war.

In view of the above, the Gender Stream team decided to conduct an inventory of hormonal drugs available in our warehouse and allocate some of them to targeted assistance.

The first person we could help was a serviceman named Lesya. We saw her post on Facebook that she was ready to sell her own bullet proof vest just to buy the necessary drug. We immediately responded to her request and sent the drugs she needed by mail.

For 4 months, from October to the end of January, we processed about 90 applications for help with hormonal drugs and made about 70 targeted shipments.