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Restart program

The “Restart” program is a project for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians, designed to give them the opportunity to relax, engage in creativity and social activities. As part of the program, participants have the opportunity to live in the Gender Stream residence in Bratislava (Slovakia) for up to two months and work on their own project.

The program includes providing an opportunity for psychological renewal through consultations with psychologists and a safe space, creative and social self-realization through the development and implementation of one’s own project.

The “Restart” program started in the summer of 2023.

How does it work?

People apply for participation in the program through a special form. At the end of the registration and selection stage, they receive a confirmation of participation and can relocate to the Gender Stream residence in Bratislava for a period from several weeks to two months.

During the program, participants receive a stipend for the implementation of their own projects related to LGBTQI+. There are no strict restrictions – the format is left to the discretion of the participants. These can be creative projects — for example, creating videos, comics, audio works, books, etc., or social — for example, projects to help LGBTQI+ people, associations, communities, chatbots, etc.

In the final, participants will be able to present their projects on Gender Stream information platforms and receive informational support from the organization.

What else do program participants get?

  • An opportunity to change the environment, to live in a beautiful, comfortable and calm European city.
  • Improvement of psycho-emotional state.
  • New acquaintances – communication with LGBTQI+ representatives, as well as the Gender Stream team.
  • Improvement of project development and implementation skills.
  • Comprehensive support and care.

How to participate in the program?

Registration for the “Restart” program takes place in waves. Currently, participants have already been selected and are participating in the project. We will announce the launch of the new set on the Gender Stream Instagram page.