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Gender Stream Joins the Expert Council on Equal Rights

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The Executive Director of Gender Stream, Olha Poliakova, will now participate in the work of the Expert Council on Equal Rights, Preventing Discrimination, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking under the Representative of the Ombudsman for Equal Rights and Freedoms, Rights of National Minorities, and Political and Religious Beliefs.

The Council comprises experts in law, human rights organizations, charitable foundations, international organizations, and representatives from academic and research institutions.

The Expert Council will address key human rights issues in Ukraine, including those affecting the LGBTQI+ community. The main competencies of the Council include:

  • Analyzing compliance with the principles of equal rights and non-discrimination.
  • Developing proposals and recommendations to prevent violations of equal rights and improve legislation.
  • Providing recommendations for the implementation of international law norms into national legislation.
  • Offering proposals for draft regulatory acts in the field of protecting equal human rights and freedoms, ensuring non-discrimination, and preventing and combating domestic violence and human trafficking, among other areas.

For Gender Stream, this is another opportunity to influence decision-making and the political context in Ukraine, ensuring that the needs and challenges of LGBTQI+ individuals are considered at the national level. Above all, it is about the basic right to safety and protection from discrimination, a significant step toward which will be the adoption of Draft Law №5488.

We continue to work towards our goal: a just and inclusive Ukrainian society!