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Fight like a Girl

The project “Fight like a girl” is not just a social initiative, it is a response to a public request, one of many steps that help to avoid cases of domestic violence.

The project presented fifteen entertaining and explanatory videos that debunk stereotypes about women and girls, teach the audience to identify different forms of violence and understand some forms of cybercrime, those which are especially dangerous for women and girls.

So, the heroes and heroines of the video talk about sexual consent, sexual safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and understanding toxic relationships.

The self-defense video series, created in partnership with the National Police of Ukraine, teaches women and girls how to respond to an abuser’s attacks and provides tips for safe rescue.

According to the data of the Institute of Demography and Social Research, almost a million Ukrainian women suffer violence from their partners every year. And only every tenth woman dares to report an incident of domestic violence to the relevant authorities. In the city of Dnipro, about 50 calls are received per day about “Commitment of violence in the family”). Statistics show that the most common cause of injuries among women is beating by a partner. Many of them justify the tyrant and claim that there were good reasons for such behavior: there is a manifestation of the “Stockholm syndrome”.