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At the end of December, 2019, our organization with the colleagues from Tbilisi had an opportunity to adopt successful Ukrainian experience of providing and popularization the girl’s and women’s ability of prevention and counteraction against domestic violence. The very useful methods against domestic violence are: the high level of self-education about women’s rights, abilities to recognize manifestations of domestic violence, the ways of physical and psychological actions against domestic violence.

 The members of the training had practice skills of physical self-defence, provided by Khrystyna Mischenko, the World class master of thekhondo WT, black belt and Heorhiy, military coach of Krav Maga in Israel Army. For example, girls trained in battle in the open space, near the wall, discharge from the capture to clothers, body, arms, neck and hair, technics of straight kick by arm and leg.

“It was something new for Georgian members, – said girls. – So, there is any experience of trainings of self-defence in Georgia”. All of the participants from Georgia had recognized the training as a very important for girls. Participants met each other and made relations by the training.
 The project had realizied by he public movement Gender Stream and nongovernmental organization from Georgia ტრენინგების, Ganatlebisa da ganvitarebis tsentʼri-Ted centre.

 By the financial and informational support EU from  IREX Europe, Human Rights House Tbilisi • Tbilisis adamianis uplebata sakhli and  Ukrainian Women’s Fund.