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Since 2014, a war has been going on in Ukraine, in which russia is the aggressor. Both men and women are standing on the defense of the integrity of our country, just as they are on the way to building peace. Ukraine plans to become a part of the European Union, and before that it must become a member of NATO. But in order to become a member of NATO, one must take responsibility and fulfill a number of conditions that help to grow and strengthen positions in the fight against russian aggression.

One of the conditions is the adoption and implementation of UN Resolution 1325, which calls for attention to the needs and problems of women, particularly women in the security sector.

Ukraine is the first country to approve the National Action Plan for the Implementation of Resolution 1325 “Women. Peace. Security” during the war. It provides for the development and implementation of regional and local action plans. First, not all regions have already approved this action plan, as for example in Dnipropetrovsk region. Secondly, our civil servants and coalitions are not sanctioned for non-fulfillment. Therefore, there is no motivation for the development, implementation, and even more so the quality implementation of the National Action Plan in the local authorities. That is why our organization worked in the direction of the security sector.

The project “Gender issues of the security sector” is designed to contribute to solving the problem of gender inequality in the ranks of MDNP, DPP and SES of Dnipropetrovsk region. Currently, only 22% of women work in the units of the National Security Service of Ukraine, DPP and State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The goal is to build the gender competence of representatives of the MDNP, DPP and SES services in the Dnipropetrovsk region, thanks to detailed monitoring, in order to identify the limitation of women’s career growth in these services. The project “Gender issues of the security sector” was implemented by the “Gender Stream” public movement with the financial support of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund IBF within the framework of the project “Equality for the sake of security”, financed by the European Union.