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“Not alone” NGO

The activities of the NGO are focused on educational events for the LGBT audience, its existing and potential allies; human rights events in cooperation with the police to prevent and properly investigate crimes and offenses against LGBT people; events of active leisure and psychological support for members of the LGBT community. With the beginning of the invasion, the NGO “Not alone” is also engaged in charitable activities for LGBT people and their relatives: providing humanitarian aid (food, medicine, clothing, basic necessities, payment of housing rent and utilities), funds for treatment and urgent evacuation.

A separate item was the providing of psychological assistance to the LGBT community – with the appearance of a psychologist in the staff of the NGO “Not alone”, individual consultations are provided upon request, group psychological online sessions are held, as well as educational workshops for practicing and future psychologists.


Facebook: NotAloneZhytomyr 

Instagram: @notalonezt

Fill out the Google form if:

You are in a difficult situation and need basic help

You feel the need to receive psychological help