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“Cohort” NGO

Our activity is the creation of conditions for the realization, protection of rights and promotion of interests, economic stability, specialized medical care, including prevention and treatment of HIV, sexual, reproductive and mental health of transgender people in Ukraine, based on the needs and proactive participation of the community.

The main tasks in the fields are human rights protection, advocacy (including the implementation of ICD-11 in Ukraine), media work, the trans* community, economic socialization, medicine.

In addition to the main location in Kyiv, the organization has representative offices in: Chernivtsi, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro.

In addition to services under the main tags, the organization provides: peer-to-peer consultations, paralegal assistance. The age of trans people is 18+, preference is given to those who are in Ukraine, for others outside the country – online consultations. Hormonal drugs are provided with a prescription or HRT course from an endocrinologist.